14 de enero de 2011

Monica & Juan Carlos - My First Wedding!

I've known Monica since we were in High School, so when she asked me to photograph her upcoming wedding I was both honored and scared. When I saw her that afternoon at the meeting I saw her radiantly in love! Her smile was so big, so sincere, so genuine that made my heart melt and gave me the confidence to say yes.

Monica & Juan Carlos knew each other for a long time, but only by name. They had a mutual friend, which made them be in the same reunions and parties without ever bumping into each other. After a couple of years of listening their names from their mutual friend, they wanted to meet each other; and it was there in that reunion where they almost don't meet, she arrived and he finally got to look at her and that's all it took. He was so stunned by her that he needed to talk to her, get to know her, prove that she was real. That night turned into dates and then into a relationship. There has been a long road to this day, but their love proved to be stronger and more real than any bump that crossed their road before.

Their wedding day couldn't be more beautiful and filled with love. Every second of the day she looked radiant, but her mobile in her hand showed that something was missing, Juan Carlos. I could tell he was nervous, anxious for the hour to hit the clock. Even though sweat was in his forehead he looked handsome and ready to embrace the day. Hugs, kisses, good wishes, laughs, tears, love, and many memorable moments filled the air, and that made the day absolutely perfect.

The Rings

I love a pretty lace

Orquids? Yes please!! 

He looks handsome even when he's nervous.

The Grand Entrance :)

This is a small reflection of their love and complicity

Husband and Wife before God

A beautiful and tender hug from the mother of the bride

The Bride and Groom table

For the First Dance they sang to each other. Soo romantic!! 


Proof they enjoyed every minute of their wedding! 

 This was the energy during the whole wedding, happiness, joy but above these LOVE! 

Monica & Juan I can't really express my complete and honest gratitude for letting me capture the most memorable moment from the beginning of your journey together, may God fill your marriage with love and blessings everyday!
Forever grateful, Jess.

2 comentarios:

  1. Muchas gracias Jessica, ya lloré otra vez... Nos hiciste sentir muy cómodos durante las fotografías, de verdad eres una artista y tienes esa agudeza para captar los mejores momentos. Gracias nuevamente.

    Atte: The husband.

  2. Great job Jessica. Congratulations and continued success!