22 de febrero de 2012

Faith on our Heavenly Father

By Rachelle Chase

Rachelle Chase has been married to her high school sweetheart for 12 years and has 2 boys. She lives in NH where she is a homeschooling mom, professional photographer and with her husband runs a not-for-profit youth center that she and her husband started.

Have you ever watched a 2-year-old eat an ice cream cone outside on a hot day?
If you have, you are picturing the complete and utter mess that comes about half way through that dessert!
The ice cream is melting down his face, and the sticky mess is all over his chubby little fingers!
If you have ever been a random spectator of this, you have probably thought.
Oh. my. Goodness.
That kid is a hot mess!
What is that car going to look like on the way home?
And that shirt? Well you might as well throw it away!

Now picture the same scenario. But this time? You are the mother.
A warm day is finally here after a week of rain, and you are taking your little boy...the absolute love of your life...out for a treat. A special treat that doesn't just happen every day.

Same exact scenario, but for some reason, you aren't thinking for one second about his shirt, sticky face or messy car!
You can not believe how his big blue eyes are sparkling with joy!
You don't remember ever realizing how much he looks like his daddy when he laughs.
And you love that those sticky fingers are reaching for your face!
This is your baby. And you love this boy more than life itself.
Cleaning up a mess is nothing at all to you, and you would gladly clean him up a million times just to see this look on his face!

I was thinking of this in relation to my Heavenly Father.
Sometimes as I am going through my life, I think...wow. I have really made a mess of this situation!
Or, maybe...I have really made a mess of my life!
What is God thinking of me right now? How can I even pray? He probably can't even stand to look at me right now!
And in those times, I back away from God.
While there are times in our lives that sin separates us from a close relationship with God, I think that usually He is looking at us just like we would look at our messy sticky little boy.
Maybe he is shaking his head, laughing and saying...there's my girl again! Making a mess! I love to see her laugh like that! I love her so much.
I love how 1 John 3:1 puts it when it says “See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called the children of God.”
See that? He is our Father who is lavishing love all over us!
Crazy love.
So the next time you are tempted to back away from your Father after a time where you think that you have made way too big of a mess?
Stop and think it over.
Realize that your Father is totally in love with you and does not mind one bit cleaning up after your mess.
And instead of backing away - run to Him. 

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