15 de febrero de 2012

After V-Day

Valentine's Day has come and gone. Many celebrated with their significant other, many decided to hide until the day passed and others, like myself, decided to spend time with good friends over dinner.

Though marketing sells that this day is only for those who have a couple, let us never forget that we also celebrate friendship and most importantly that we don't need one day to show people we love and care for how we feel about them, how much we appreciate them. To celebrate love we don't need expensive gifts and we don't need a specific day in the calendar; all we need is a little moment each day to say a loving word, writing a sweet note, going an extra mile to show we care.

And to all my single friends out there, remember that your future spouse is out there getting ready for the time you two meet; don't waist your time and get ready too, you never know when you are meant to meet.

Happy Wednesday!! 

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