29 de agosto de 2011

1 Question + 2 Answers = Bigger Faith

Whenever I have doubts I ask God for an answer. Sometimes the answer I am longing for takes a little more time than I would want, but at the end His timing is perfect and He knows what is best for me, so I believe the answer will come. 

A couple of weeks ago I was asking God if my photography dream came from His heart or I made it up. I asked for a sign or something that could let me know that this dream of pursuing a career in photography was coming from Him, and as always he answered, not once but twice.  

First, He reminded me through my aunt how and when my dream started. And it gave me chills. My memory raced to that day when God helped me connect the missing dots in my life and it all pointed towards photography. I was standing in a room filled with people with tears running down my cheeks, looking back to all those times when photography was part of my life but I had taken it for granted. I don’t want to take it for granted! I want to pursue it with all my heart! I want to run towards it knowing that it is a God given talent.

Two weeks ago I was doing a commercial shoot early in the morning, sunrise to be exact. Due to light showers during the night, it was a humid morning with beautiful clouds in the sky. We don’t get clouds very often so I was a happy girl =). I was capturing the last images of the shoot when I saw this little but sweet rainbow coming from behind the building I was photographing. And once again I was reminded of His promise, I felt reassured in what I am doing and felt so much joy in my heart that tears built up in my eyes and I thanked Him for answering His doubtful daughter.

If these two are not confirmations then I don’t know what are.

Happy Monday!! 

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