30 de abril de 2011


I have 10 minutes to write this, so I will try to keep it short.

This week has been full of surprises, blessings, unexpected twists and turns, ups and downs and as I walk out to cover a Quinceañera (Sweet Sixteen), I know where I stand and who is walking before me. I thank God for His opportunities and His providence.

I was incredibly happy when a reknown photographer from Mexicali called me in the beginning of the week and asked me to help him cover and event on Saturday, as in today, I happily said yes and thanked him for the opportunity. I think I can call Francisco Arce my mentor. I really look up to keep working with you and I hope I do a good job. Thank you one more time!

I am nervous and happy at the same time; I hope I don’t squeal too much tonight with excitement and emotion. Pray for me, so I can pull this out the right way, representing Francisco’s studio correctly. I will be back on Monday telling you about the experience! See you then!! 

Happy Saturday!!

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