1 de marzo de 2011

Day 1.- 1st Conference

I got there without knowing where the Conference Center was. Overwhelmed by the greatness of the hotel I walked to the front desk and asked for directions. To my surprise a nice lady said they didn't have a Conference Center :O what?! Was I in the right Hotel? The MGM right?? Yes, I was looking for the MGM Conference Center, where WPPI is being held. After what it seemed a long thought she nodded and gave me a map for me to follow because, even though her directions were clear, my mind was blown away and didn't understand a thing she said.

I started walking following my yellow MGM map and it was a loooong walk. Really I thought I was going to be late! But finally I saw the last hall that took me to the famous conference center. The room was half full and I looked for a good place to sit. I took my binder out, a pen and I got ready to take notes. After EscalateLIVE last year I won't forget to take a notebook or notepad to write!! Did you read newbie? Yes!

First speaker of the night, inaugurating WPPI-U, the amazing Dane Sanders. In one word his conference was ENCOURAGING!! He's such a great speaker. He shared with us many important questions to challenge us and push us to be better. A better person to be a better photographer. He advised us to take our life experiences and use them as inspiration for our work. Next my favorite quotes from Dane's conference:

* "Train like your life depends on it... because it does"
* "Fail early and often"
* "Watch beyond what's in front of your eyes"

Here's my fan photo with Dane Sanders! jajaja

This is only the first of ten conferences. Come back to read about the incredibly funny Jerry Gihonis!

Happy Wednesday!!

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