10 de marzo de 2011

Life's Surprises

Life is just full of surprises. Some good. Some not so good. Some  just plain bad. During my transition from three part time jobs to fulltime photographer (yes it’s been less than a week) I’ve already had a couple of these experiences, and they make me question my decision-making abilities.

The reason I quit school is gone, I don’t have the job anymore. Why it happened I don’t know, all I know is that this is that, yes is hard to face it but it also pushes me to keep going, to keep learning, to never stop studying, to never leave a bump in the road stop me from my goal. We will always have bumps, falls, scratches, bruises down the road, but it all depends on how we stand back up again after we fall. I decide to raise brush off my knees (and yes my pride too) and keep walking.

I might not know exactly where I’m headed or how I’m getting there, but as long as I trust in my God I know I’m safe and good to go. I’m blessed to have a lovely family and great friends in who I can rely and go for comfort when I’m hurt.

So let’s embrace a new day, the goals set firmly in place and keep walking! I share with you a video my brother shared with me.

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